Samuel Peña

  • Name: Samuel Peña
  • Date of birth

It was at the age of six or seven when i hold a fishingrod in my hand for the first time. It didn’t take too long until I was able to carry the first fish home that I was able to catch by myself. The joy I felt that day is still in best memories. It was a small perch which infected me with the fishing fever by taking my corn.
After that, I did have no other choice than spending nearly my whole leisure at the bords of lakes and rivers with my first rod which I got from my father.

After some time of practice, I was able to catch my very first pike and trout. I tried all kinds of different techniques including flyfishing and worked my way around to spinfishing.

With the great progress in modern spinfishing and engineering artificial lures, we all were witnesses of the development of a fishing manner which fascinates me until today.

I really enjoy fishing for big perch and fishing with softbaits for zander and pike. Also fishing for blackbass is a great passion of mine and it’s what I do every year for one or two weeks.

Generally, I practice the hole range of active fishing for predator fish.
Whether it’s fishing with hardbaits, softbais or even vertical fishing – big predator fishes are my target.