Patience will pay off

Although this story takes place two years in the past, it matches perfectly with this year’s seatrout-season. Four we went, chasing the seatrout at the “lac de joux” armed with different kind of lures like hardbaits and spoons.
Highly motivated we started casting our lures into the lake. It didn’t take toolong until Sammy got a strike after a few casts on his “Lucky Craft Wander” of a Seatrout which he managed to land safely.

Unfortunately this was the only activity till lunch, what we really needed with the cold and rainy weather.
A hot “Fondue” warmed us well up and gave us some new confidence for the afternoon.

We decided to change the lake side to fish in deeper waters. That this decision was deadly right, I realized after a hard strike which put a stop to my daydreaming immediately. A nice seatrout jumped 20 meters away from me. After a short but hard fight with my “Wobbler Type M” rod I was able to safely land the beauty (which’s shown on photo).






Rod: Valleyhill Euro Edition “Wobler Type M”
Reel: Daiwa New Caldia 3000
Line: Toray Bawo 10lb
Lure: ZipBaits Rigge 90S