ValleyHill Euro Edition

Since a couple of years, rods from Japan and the United States are becoming more and more popular also in Europe. Ambitious anglers may have noticed that these rods are primarily created for Black Bass, Seabass or Squid fishing – but are less adequate for our waters, technics and our fish specimens. This problem was solved by the Swiss company Xtremefishing in 2011 and a cooperation was created together with the Japanese company Valleyhill.

A new rod series was especially designed for the European market suited for European specimens and technics.With all this information in mind the Valleyhill Euro Rod Edition was born. The cooperation of these two companies was very favourable because of the great knowledge of rod building and innovation of Valleyhill. Ever since, Valleyhill only produced rods for the Japanese market and was dependent on Xtremefishing’s knowledge concerning the European market. At this point the long-time experience of the Xtremefishing staff in pike, perch, trout and zander fishing was used. They had great influence on basic characteristics like the power of the rod,the action and components to create a rod suited for the European market.

After two years of development with countless tests of prototypes in our different waters we can present 12 models to you which are perfectly adapted for our conditions,technics and specimens.


Jean-Claude Weisskopf



Samuel Dillier



Shinji Fujii


Latest News

Michel’s Zander


Weather is great, wind is gentle, waves are only rarely seen – that’s how fishing is a pleasure! This nice zander took the lure when I was jigging near by the bottom in about 12 meters of depth. Short lifts of the rod tip and unregularly breaks (of 2-3 secs… Read more…

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